This Distributed Festival within the Connected Communities Distributed Festival is being organised by the Our Place in Time partner organisations along with community activist Eoghan Howard, Dr Peter Matthews of University of Stirling, Cassiltoun Housing Association, and ACCORD. The aims of the event, suggested by the community partners are to:

  • Develop the outputs from previous Connected Communities projects
  • Develop links between the various projects in Wester Hailes, partners and organisations in Castlemilk in Glasgow and the ACCORD project
  • Develop further connections to academics by advertising it widely through the Connected Communities network
  • Complement the asset-mapping and community engagement processes being developed through community planning in Scotland, such as the Open Space process of engagement in Wester Hailes

Proposals were invited by the Arts and Humanities Research Council earlier this year for activities to be part of its Connected Communities Festival 2015 which this year has been spread across two weeks to reflect its focus on widening and deepening community engagement with Connected Communities and AHRC funded research.  These could undertake a wide range of community engagement activities which demonstrated they were co-produced between researchers, communities and other partners. The Our Place In Time partners wanted to create a sense of celebration utilising a festival/ gala style to increase engagement and in recognition that Wester Hailes used to produce highly successful carnival days and gala weeks.  The AHRC grant has enabled the partners to put together a diverse programme that will bring different groups of people together as well as sharing skills, knowledge and experience across the area.

A variety of events/ activities is being planned as part of the Wester Hailes Festival including an exhibition, “Our Place In Time” poetry/ video shoot, “Paint It Back” history walk, and film night.  Cassiltoun Housing Association and ACCORD will visit Wester Hailes during the Festival and will use photogrammetry and laser scanning to record items of interest in the area and produce 3D printed mini totem poles. This will enable two different communities to share different skills and learn from each other during the day and subsequently through ongoing online contact.

The Digital Sentinel will be used to promote the Festival through producing a paper print run that will be distributed throughout the area.  A paper version was produced last month to publicise the Open Space event and was extremely well received with many people sharing stories of when the Sentinel used to delivered weekly. The Festival will begin with the Wester Hailes Fun Run on Sunday 14th June.  This successful locally run event was restarted four years ago after memories of the original Fun Run were shared in the From There To Here blog, demonstrating how effective local engagement and interaction can be with digital media and where it can lead. The Festival will run until Saturday 26th June.

The Our Place In Time blog will feature regular updates, news and reports to record the progress of the Wester Hailes Community Connections 2015 experience.

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